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This is a demonstration of the Hammer Crash test we bring to trade-shows. This spindle is the same spindle we've used during the entire 20 years of trade-shows, and during that time the hammer has struck the air bearing tens of thousands of times, and the air bearing has yet to fail. We've never dismantled, cleaned, or repaired the spindle. As seen in the video, it is even struck without air, and does not cause a failure. The automation during the trade-show is to strike the spindle with the hammer ever 30 seconds, with every other strike without air.

Here is our Biconic Low Inertia Mark 2 air bearing spindle in action. In this video, we are running at 30,000 RPM, and taking less that 1 second to accelerate and decelerate. The controller used is a Trust Automation TA620 controller and the media is a 65mm glass disk. The total cycle time is less than 7 seconds. Check out our article for more information.

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